Spacious classrooms and state-of-the-art equipment

Dedicated science laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics

The school has laboratories for each of the three science subjects, fully-equipped with the latest equipment.

Mathematics Lab

The Math Lab is a supportive space to explore, understand and solve real-life mathematical problems.

Information and Communications Technology Lab

The ICT lab is equipped with multiple learning stations and up-to-date software; it is complemented by a high speed wi-fi connection.


The school is equipped with interactive whiteboards and LED screens which promote interactive audio-visual learning. Teachers and students have easy access to educational resources which promote cross-curricular links.


The library is well stocked with fiction, non-fiction, periodicals, newspapers and magazines and updated via an ongoing programme of renewal. E-library modules help to ensure optimal use of the facilities.


There is outdoor provision for tennis, basketball, football, skating, cricket (with practice nets) and volleyball. In addition, the school has an indoor, multi-sport, four court facility which is used for table-tennis, basketball, badminton and tae kwon do. Students are instructed in yoga and eurhythmics.

Life Skills Room

The Life Skills Room is used by groups of students differentiated by ability. It is designed to cater for multiple requirements; students with special educational needs as well as gifted and talented students enjoy its benefits.

Multi-purpose Hall

The hall functions as a place where students can enjoy a variety of activities that contribute to their all-round development. It is used for inter-house competitions, indoor games and as a celebratory space for festivals.

Dance Room

The Dance Room, an inspirational asset for creative dance forms, offers a spacious mirrored space with appropriate wooden flooring.

Music Room

Music from both the Western and Indian traditions (classical as well as contemporary) is cultivated. The room is well equipped with acoustic and electronic instruments.

Art and Craft Room

The Art and Craft Room is the centre of creative enterprise in the school.

Dining Hall

A wide variety of wholesome and nutritious meals are served for breakfast and lunch in hygienic conditions.

Video conferencing

A video conferencing facility is available for the use of both teachers and students.

Air-conditioned transport

The school provides safe point-to-point transport facilities. Buses are operated by skilled and experienced staff who help to ensure comfortable and relaxed travel.

Air-conditioned classrooms

Our spacious, well-lit classrooms, equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia systems, are complemented with ergonomically-designed furniture.

Wellness Centre

The comfortable, clean and well-equipped GIS Wellness Centre is home to a full-time trained nurse and a qualified doctor who look after the students' healthcare needs. Our local hospital provides comprehensive, high-end medical care for the students when required as well as an emergency facility.

Meditation Centre

The Meditation Centre provides a space for students to practise meditation; a calm and peaceful mind enhances learning.