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Dr. Vandana Gupta

Dr. Vandana Gupta

Dear Parents,

Learning comes naturally to toddlers and young children. Day by day, they grow physically, emotionally, socially and mentally, developing their intelligence and understanding about the world around them. During their various learning stages they acquire something very special; their inquisitiveness and experiences help them to explore and express their feelings. It is important that their perceptions and needs are afforded appropriate opportunities for expression in the right setting so they can convert their interpretations into learning.

Children at GIS Karnal are attended to with the utmost care and concern. Although settling in at school involves a transition from a protective home environment to a new world with new people, children at GEMS schools are supported through this until they feel at home. Through our core values - Growing by Learning, Pursuing Excellence, Learning through Innovation and Global Citizenship - we help our children to grow up with the ability to face new challenges, make firm decisions and contribute to family, social and community life. We enable them to assist in the creation of a healthy, peaceful, prosperous world. We offer them emotional security, teach them values, help them work with - and not against - nature, de-stress them, help them to dream, make them responsible and respect their privacy; in this way, we aim to ensure that every child is a wholesome individual leading a meaningful life.

I very much look forward to meeting with you and your child as we set out on this new journey together at GEMS International School, Karnal.

Dr. Vandana Gupta
GEMS International School - Karnal

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