Offering outstanding students a first class education

We believe every child should be given the opportunity to gain a first class education, regardless of their background or place of birth. Here at GEMS International School – Karnal, we offer a full scholarship programme to help your child excel in any one of a number of areas.

Whether your child's talent is sporting, musical or academic, we’d be delighted to nurture their ability and provide them with the ongoing support and training they need.

Our scholarships to study in Karnal are designed to encourage talented children from all over the world. Our reward is seeing your child flourish and realise their full potential for outstanding achievement.

If your child is accepted onto our scholarship scheme they will benefit from first class tuition and the highest standard of facilities while also receiving financial support.

All our successful scholarship applicants are given the encouragement and opportunities they need to fully develop their talents and shine.

For more information about our range of scholarships, please contact a member of our team.