Great teachers

Just like our students, we never stop learning

Great teachers inspire great students. That’s why, at GEMS International School, Karnal, we pay close attention to how we train and support both our new and experienced educators. We know just how rewarding a teaching career can be, when educators have the right support and opportunities to develop.

GEMS Education has evolved from simple roots in a family of teachers to an international company with a mission to provide quality education to all. Today, our family includes over 20,000 inspired and qualified teachers, teaching support staff and school administrators from all nationalities, who help us to deliver seven different curricula in 14 countries - from the Middle East, North America and Europe to Asia and Africa.

So, what makes a great GEMS teacher? 

  • GEMS Quality Standards - high quality teachers creating educational excellence
  • The Right Tools - our teachers have a world of great resources at their fingertips
  • Career Pathways - rewarding opportunities that can take our teachers anywhere
  • Global Outlook - a vibrant community of professionals connected in 16 countries 
  • Pioneering People - engaged teaching professionals with new ideas and knowledge

When you come into any one of our schools around the world you'll be welcomed by our great teachers. 

Want to be part of the GEMS family? We have roles around the world for new recruits, and offer pre-degree to postgraduate courses, professional development, and specialist training for GEMS teachers. With GEMS Careers and GEMS Education teacher training, leadership and development, there has never been a better time to teach.